Jail Escape


sheebu said...

this was a cute game
escaped in 3 mins frm the jail

Radhika said...

Hiii, we cud get the hammer.. But dint know how to proceed.. can anyone help?

sunny said...

hey...i got 3 d hammer....but wat to do next??????

Anonymous said...

help me! i've got 3 pairs of keys and a hammer but don't know what to do now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

s prasnna said...

1.Go to the red cup. Get the keys behind it.

2.Turn until you find a wooden thing with a drawer.

3.Open the drawer and get the paper and read it.

4.Get the keys.

5.Turn around some more until you see a compartment thiny in the wall.

6.Click the keys, any keys in your inventory.

7.Then click the keyhole. Get the hammer.

8.Turn until you see another compartment in the floor. Click keys, then get the keys in the compartment.

9. Turn back to drawer and click the hammer. It will fall apart.

10. Get the keys and use the keys to get out of the jail.